So, i haven’t posted anything since a while but…

I wanted to say that from the posts i’ve been reading and seeing those days following the tag CTFxC, what i concern as a viewer of that channel and tags and any media that is related to this, and in my position about seeing what is going on about the decision that Charles and Alli did, and the conclusion that the viewers and “fans” are making is: That the CTFxC fans aren’t stupid. The annoying and insoportable are the idiots who think they’re CTFxC’ers and keep spreading bullshit arround the web. As it has happened at those days.
All we know that the CTFxC is supportive whatever it happens and understands the whole situation, that those fucking retarded persons who are constantly commenting at the social media about what is happening at the moment between Charles and Alli Trippy with dramatical/conspirational-hurtful/hating FAKE commentaries are just obnoxious bastards who are claiming to be CTFxC’ers. There’s just one thing we can do for those who like to destroy communities, families and groups or friends: Report and flag as spam any comment that shows disrespect or any unvaluable/invalid argument/rumor or says something disrespectful about the CTFxC, instead of replying. Because i know all of you guys who really understands the whole situation are handling all of this as the same time as Alli and Charles are, and there are always understanding and supportive people, like us, as same there always are people who enjoy and feel satisfied being a complete asshole spreading and trying to destroy our community too. So, i think that would be the best thing i can do. As a CTFxC’er, as a person, as a human.

Viva CTFxC!!!


His other blogs: i’ll ask him the URL’s tomorrow.

bennsworld asked:
was it you who wrote the asks?

Uhm, i’m affraid that i haven’t asked you before something u.u but i think your blog is amazing and i think a blog is a connection of the personality. 
I’ve been quite distant of my blog on these months for various reasons but since i’ve followed you, and when i casually come here to see what’s on the dashboard and i find your posts i can see that you are really nice person :$ your posts show me so many beautiful things and, well, i know it could be just a blog, but uhmm, well i’m just saying u.u and sorry about my english, is really poor u.u Sent my hi and well, hope you gonna have a good time.